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  • 86,00 € In stock

    Color: Military green -Description: Military green shirt with elasticized waisstband and blue coulisse; it is embellished with logo with gold embroidered trimming on the front. -Details: 80% Acrylic 20% Polyester. Machine wash at 30°C.

  • 52,00 € In stock

    Color: Military green -Description: Set composed witth leggings and short. Military green ribbed leggings with elastic waistband and cuffs; made from organic cotton. It is embellished with blue logo embroiderd on the front. Grey short with elastic waistband; made from wool. It is embellished with red logo embroiderd on the front. -Details: 100% Organic cotton. Machine wash at 30°C.

  • 110,00 € In stock

    Color: Beige -Description: Beige vintage checked short with belt loops, two inseam pockets on the front and slot pocket on the back; button and zip closure and adjustable waistband thanks to inside elastics with button. It is embellished with blak patch with white logo applieed on the back. -Details: 100% Cotton. Machine wash at 30°C.

  • 185,00 € In stock

    Color: Multicolor -Description: Multicolor short with elasticized waistband, coulisse and side pocktes. It is embellished with colorful "Tour d' Italie" printed all-over.   - Details: 100% Cotton. Machine wash at 30°C.

  • 45,00 € In stock

    Color: Offwhite -Description: Offwhite short with ribbed elastic waistband, coulisse and side pockets. It is embellished with yellow all-over moons and fuchsia telephone andd fuchsia and black "Spiritual for advising service- please call" all-over printed. It is made from certified organic cotton, produced in a sustanaible way. - Details: 100% Cotton. Machine wash at 40°C.

  • 70,00 € In stock

    Color: Light blue -Description: Light blue shirt with white and red coulisse and frontal pocket. It is embellished with white all-over clouds and black logo printed on the front. This item belongs to #coccolencloudsproject, inspired from outsidewall of the store, blue with whiteclouds, interpreted from many designers. Every item follows the mood of eco-compatibility and cruelty free, favorable to no gender fashion and sociallyactive. A part of the proceeds from the sale of the collection, will be donated to Onlus 4Inzu. - Details: 100% Cotton. Machine wash at 30°C.