Making his own way through the ranks of California creatives, Eli Russell Linnetz, artist, photographer, filmmaker and set designer, founded the fashion brand ERL. The avenues surrounded by long rows of palm trees, the beaches and the atmosphere of Venice Beach, where Linnetz was born and still lives today, are the protagonists of ERL's collections. In the construction of his work, Linnetz wanted to go back to his childhood and his Venice Beach, an oasis for surfers, skaters, creatives, allowing himself to be inspired by the colors and atmosphere of his city to create collections that are deeply personal and never predictable. The ERL children's collection transforms into clothes all that youthful and slightly rebellious Venice Beach scenery, to which each of us would like to belong: bright colors, pop motifs combined with the aesthetics of surfers, skaters and boys who populate the coast. The collection ranges from sweaters, sweatpants, shorts, hoodies and t-shirts. The worn effect sweatshirts and pants are an aesthetic and graphic summary of the California so beloved by the designer. "I wanted to capture the sunset at Venice Beach. One day I was walking on the beach and realized we needed to add a touch of orange, to make it perfect. California is the only place in the world where you can ski, hike and surf all in the same day." ERL is accompanied by an affectionate nostalgia for those times, which is linked to a lightness of spirit and a constant irony, which make the brand unique and never pretentious. The shapes and silhouettes remain dry and essential, so that the colors can steal the scene, giving new interpretations to garments otherwise banal. Although the products appear so "simple", Linnetz's creative process is very particular, almost extreme. When he started working on his last winter collection, the designer got rid of everything in his closet except for a T-shirt and a pair of shorts. This essentiality functioned as a stimulus with which to start creating, asking himself questions such as "What do I need?", "What colors can't I do without?". The ERL brand stands out as the latest artistic expression of a talent, that of Linnetz, which is difficult to frame within delimited sectors and specific industries, opening instead to a vision of a fluid fashion, which embraces different disciplines, becoming a spokesperson for contemporary culture.

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