Constantly growing and evolving, the Barrow clothing brand is an international success. Barrow is the streetwear brand that dresses Gen Y and Z, representing the new generation at its best. Barrow sweatshirts and Barrow jerseys have become iconic items among young people: the new generation is always looking for a way to express their creativity and personality and Barrow brand is the best contemporary answer to the street fashions born in the world's metropolises. The idea of Barrow is sharing and the sense of belonging to a community in an era of change in which creativity becomes an essential tool for creating meaningful ties and connections. This concept is expressed through collaborations and projects with artists, influencers and music personalities. Barrow's collections feature contemporary cuts and street widths. The colour palette consists of vibrant acid tones, from fuchsia to tiffany, in psychedelic and hypnotic prints; irreverent graphics, slogans and reflective applications. Defining Barrow's visuals are the world of cartoons, gaming, and cult movies of the 90s. Discover the Barrow Kids collection exclusively on

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