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  • 32,79 € 65,57 € In stock

    Color: Royal blue -Description: Royal blue slip beachwear with elasticized waistband, embellished with white rubbred logo, on the front and white and neon pink iconic eagle, on the back. - Details: 80% Polyester 20% Elastan. Machine wash at 30°C.

  • 32,79 € 65,57 € Out of stock
    Out of stock

    Color: Black -Description: Black swimwear with elasticized waistband and coulisse; it is embellished with white logo, on the front. -Details: 100% Polyester. Machine wash at 30°C.

  • 95,08 € 118,85 € In stock

    Color: Multicolor -Description: Red, white and blue swimwear with elasticized waistband, coulisse and side pockets; it is embellished with red rubbred patch applied, on the front. -Details: 100% Polyamide. Hand wash.

  • 17,21 € 28,69 € In stock

    Color: Blue -Description: Blue swimwear, with black elastic waistband, white coulisse and pocket on the back. It is embellished with black all-over boats and white logo on the front. -Details: 100% Polyester. Machine wash at 30°C.

  • 11,89 € 23,77 € In stock

    Color: Green - Description: Green swimwear with elastic waistband with coulisse, embellishe with all-over print with swallows: it is made from fabric produced with plastic waste. - Details: 78% Recycled polyamide 22% Elastan. Machine wash at 40°C.

  • 24,10 € 40,16 € In stock

    Color: Red and white -Description: Red and white swimwear with blue elastic waistband and beige coulisse. Side pockets and slot pocket on the back with button closure. Blue iconic pony logo embroidered on the leg. -Details: 100% Polyester. Maachine wash at 30°C