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  • 204,92 € In stock

    Color: Red - Description: Red loafers embellished with iconic GG pattern and metallic horsebit detail on the front; they have elastic. -Details: 71% Cotton 29% Polyester.

  • 135,25 € In stock

    Color: White -Description: White shoes with black elastic with white logo, on the top and black heel, on the back. - Details: 100% Leather.

  • 139,34 € In stock

    Color: Black and beige -Description: Black sneaker with beige checked details; stripes with closure in velcro; non-slip rubbered sole with logo on the back. -Details: 94% Cotton 3% Polyester 3% Polyamide.

  • 54,92 € In stock

    Color: Brown -Description: Brown laced-up shoes with black pythoned print, made from leather. -Details: 100% Leather.

  • 54,92 € In stock

    Color: White -Description: White laced-up shoes, made from leather; they are embellished with black spotted all-over. -Details: 100% Leather.

  • 94,26 € In stock

    Color: Blue -Description: Blue laced-up shoes, amde from leather, embellished with stitched on the back and front, made from English style. - Details: 100% Leather.

  • 49,18 € In stock

    Color: Pink -Description: Grey checked laced-up shoes. -Details: 50% Leather 50% Wool.

  • 106,56 € In stock

    Color: Beige -Description: Beige shoes, with velcro closure and beige classic check pattern all-over, made from cotton. - Details: 100% Cotton. Wipe with care.

  • 180,33 € Out of stock
    Out of stock

    Color: Blue -Description: Blue shoes with ivory elastic with red and blue logo, on the top and red details, on the back. -Details: 100% Leather.