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  • 45,08 € In stock

    Color: Pink -Description: Pink tulle skirt with silver lurex elastic waistband and culotte. It is embellished with silver all-over stars. -Details: 100% Polyester. Machine wash at 30°C.

  • 401,64 € In stock

    Color: White -Description: White midi skirt, made from tulle, with blue and gold lurex elasticized waistband and petticoat. It is embellished with colorful embroidered double iconic GG all-over. -Details: 100% Polyamide. Hand wash.

  • 98,36 € In stock

    Color: Beige -Description: Beige skirt with elasticized waistband and it is embellished with vintage iconic check and side bows. -Details: 100% Cotton. Machine wash at 30°C.