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  • 254,10 € In stock

    Color: White -Description: White leather sneaker, with velcro closure and white rubbered sole; they are embellished with iconic double FF,on the top. -Details: 100% Leather.

  • 184,43 € In stock

    Color: Black -Description: Black leather flat shoes with rubbered sole and bracelet with velcro closure; they are embellished with heel and butterfly wings, on the back, with colorful embroidered details. - Details: 60% Leather 40% Polyester.

  • 159,84 € In stock

    Color: Ecru -Description: Ecru leather sandals with suede stripe and closure with velcro. They are embellished with silver studs and brown logo, on the back. -Details: 100% Leather.

  • 237,70 € In stock

    Color: Beige -Description: Beige GG Supreme princetown, made from leather, with rubber sole and elastic slingback. It is embellished with gold horsebit detail and colosurl all-over stars. - Details: 100% Polyurethane.

  • 127,87 € In stock

    Color: Silver - Description: Silver glittered leather sandals for girls, braided, with hook closure, on the side. -Details:100% Leather

  • 138,52 € In stock

    Color: Black -Description: Black sabot Black sabot made from leather, with adjustable slingback and golden horsebit detail. - Details:100% Leather

  • 140,16 € In stock

    Color: Leather color - Description: Girl leather sandals, with a decoration of three suede colored flowers (pink, leather and wine colours); with hook closure, on the side. - Details: 80% Leather, 20% Suede.

  • 138,52 € In stock

    Color: Black and white -Description: Black and white sabot, made from leather, with black sole; they are embellished with silver horsebit. -Details: 100% Leather.

  • 163,93 € In stock

    Color: Black -Description: Black leather sandals, with velvet details and closure with zip, on the back. - Details: 50% Leather 50% Velvet.

  • 229,51 € In stock

    Color: -Description: Black leather princetown with elastic slingback and with faux fur lining inside. It is embellished with silver horsebit detail and rubber sole. - Details: 100% Leather.