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  • 364,75 € In stock

    Color: Brown -Description: Animalier print shirt, made from chiffon, with crew-neck, long sleeves, bottons closure, on the front and inside top. It s embellished with ruffles around the collar. - Details: 100% Silk. Dry clean only.

  • 122,95 € In stock

    Color: White - Description: White shirt, made from cotton popeline, with long sleeves, classic collar and closure with buttons on the front and on the cuffs; it is embellished with silver sequined friges, appliqued on the front. - Details: 100% Cotton. Machine wash at 30°C.

  • 106,56 € In stock

    Color: Biege -Description: Biege shirt with classic collar, long sleeves, chest pockets with botton and closure with bottons, on the front. It is embellished with vintage check and icon stripes. -Details: 100% Cotton. Machine wash at 30°C.

  • 69,67 € In stock

    Color: Light blue -Description: Light blue T-shirt with crew-neck with rip and long sleeves; made from cotton. It is embellished with white all-over clouds and black logo printed on the back. This item belongs to #coccolencloudsproject, inspired from outsidewall of the store, blue with whiteclouds, interpreted from many designers. Every item follows the mood of eco-compatibility and cruelty free, favorable to no gender fashion and sociallyactive. A part of the proceeds from the sale of the collection, will be donated to Onlus 4Inzu. -Details: 100% Cotton. Machine wash at 30°C.