CoccoleBimbi Store HQ

ONCE UPON A TIME COCCOLE BIMBI Coccole Bimbi is not just Coccole Bimbi,
it isn't just a kids' wear shop - even if it sells clothes and accessories for the little ones. It was born in 1989 as a small shop, in Puglia. Later it became the center of a revolutionary experience, which expanded the shopping concept beyond traditional boundaries.

When the creative minds behind the concept, were attracted by an old abandoned auto repair shop as they walked through the suburbs near Rutigliano "amazing things could happen" thought the team. Isabella Saponaro, Sabino and Cesare Morisco together built a metropolitan microcosm set up as a concept that talks about fashion mixed with different languages: art, design, happenings.

CoccoleBimbi opened its new shop on 29 September 2020 in Rutigliano, via Noicattaro, in a commercial area with high traffic and passage. E-commerce, store and outlet mix perfectly with the renewed style of the new store. The iconic sky-blue wall is tinged with black and among the white clouds, a yellow one pops out, it is Ghayme: a name of Arabic origin, symbol of the capsules and of the new coccolebimbi collaborations. The interiors were designed according to Coccolebimbi's vision: the concept of recycled and eco-sustainability rings loudly within the new HQ walls. The pastel coloured walls make the store more welcoming and bright; the furniture is entirely made of recycled materials, regenerating pieces collected over time.

Shopping at Coccole Bimbi is an experience where everything, even the lines and shapes of the furniture and installations, contribute to guide the costumers through path between brands which already have a strong history in luxury fashion (Fendi, Burberry, Gucci, Ralph Lauren); and younger ones which find their space creating new trends (Marques Almeida, Nununu, The Animals Observatory) and which show often to be sensitive in eco-sustainability (Mini Rodini, Bobo Choses, Stella McCartney Kids, Veja).

Shopping at Coccole Bimbi is a journey where plants, wooden structures and animal shaped sculptures, open passages in the concrete walls to a pop exotic nature that links to an authentic and wild dimension where kids feel free and adults discover themselves.
Thanks to Coccole Bimbi’s continuous scouting and research it’s possible to find in Rutigliano a little bit of America, Asia and North Europe through new ideas and cool high quality contemporary brands.

Together with the multiplication of channels and platforms on which it is possible to shop, Coccole Bimbi opened an e-commerce with all “The Best Brands for kids in the world” ready at a click of button for the most ambitious parents. Even this online experience can count on the interpersonal relationship between seller and costumer, this is guaranteed by the excellence of Coccole Bimbi customer service that will cuddle parents too.

Bloggers, influencers and design personalities from all over the world often collaborate with Coccole Bimbi and go naturally to join the store, enhancing Coccole Bimbi’s concept of living and bracing space, consecrated to experimentation that leads to the creation of new styles and trends in fashion and more.

Products are ideas for Coccole Bimbi, as you can easily understand peering its Instagram and Facebook accounts, daily managed and updated to give clothing tips and inspirations, but also to involve the customers in several initiatives as the New York inspired flea market that is perfectly in line with the concept of Coccole Bimbi’s location.

Coccole Bimbi evolution from a little shop in the South of Italy to an avant-garde kids' wear boutique is also thanks to the many of ambitious and innovative projects it is involved in, such as: Kid’s Evolution - collaboration between Vogue Bambini and Pitti Bimbo that supports emerging talents; The Corner Kids and Stuff - first temporary kids vegan store; La Serra Kids - a pop up shop hosted in several of the most luxurious and important boutiques.  
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